How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer For Your Case

photo of family attorney

You would be wise to interview five to ten attorneys about your case if you’re in the market for a divorce lawyer. These interviews will help prevent the expensive and unpleasant problem of beginning with a lawyer in the center of your case and help educate you.

Some relations lawyers take a very aggressive and hard-line approach, while others prefer alternative dispute resolution or negotiation, collaborative divorce. Some lawyers would not be a perfect choice if your spouse has hired an aggressive divorce litigator and handled a few divorce cases a year. Your goal, as the potential customer, is to find fee structure and counsel whose approach makes sense.

Recognize that you’re being interviewed as well, as you meet with lawyers about your situation. You may find an attorney who meets your criteria, only to discover that he does not want to accept you as a customer because he perceives you to be a  “problem customer.” Here are some of the factors that make about accepting a divorce customer lawyers wary:

Avoid lawyers you have met. Every lawyer who has been for even a few years in practice recognizes that a certain percentage of customers will turn and attack the lawyer if things do not go well. Not every case goes sometimes, and just as planned, a decision will be made by a judge. The lawyer sees his job as creating logical and reasonable arguments for your benefit and presenting those arguments to a fact finder (judge or jury) clearly and forcefully. Clients who bad mouth attorneys have attorneys and expectations or needs avoid taking on these customers.

Keep away from a focus on cash. Assuming the lawyers that produce your cut are reasonable, reasonable people, they recognize that in pursuing your case you would like to invest no more than necessary. Time will not be run up by an ethical, competent lawyer in your case. If you ask for more detail about an entry on a bill along those same lines lawyers won’t be offended.

Most divorce lawyers wind up spending some time on your case that does not get billed. Nobody can predict divorce lawsuit will proceed or what your spouse’s lawyer will do. You need to listen carefully when the lawyer you’re interviewing payment requirements and discusses charges. You may find, for example, that during your interviews lawyers suggest a similar fee range for your case. You may need to adjust your expectations. You may find it hard to find the perfect lawyer if you encounter as a penny pincher who will question each entry on each bill.

Avoid blaming all your problems on others. Your life won’t be pleasant during your divorce proceedings. You’ll be under a lot of irritants and tension that would not be a problem will bother you. Your lawyer’s job is not to make you happy, but to represent your interests in a determined and organized manner. A possible lawyer will look at you as a witness because you will probably take the witness stand.

Do you come across as likable, logical and reasonable? Or will jury or a judge turns off by blaming, complaining and whining your ex-spouse for your issues. Your lawyer wants a fantastic outcome in your case – he’ll be less likely to take on your case if you’re not a witness that is likable.

Recognize that there are no “winners” in a divorce situation. If you express to a lawyer your desire to “win” your divorce situation by getting your way with each issue, your lawyer will conclude that you reside in a fantasyland. Divorce lawyers recognize that a divorce trial necessarily entails two angry and bitter people, operating at an emotional low point of their lives who are asking a stranger to make far-reaching decisions about money and parent-child relationships based on the limited and contradictory information.

The best you can hope for is to come out with as little damage as possible. If the result if marginally fair and reasonable, you’re ahead of the game. Clients who understand this reality are far more desirable than customers who are currently looking for a big win. Go to to find a top divorce lawyer for your case.

Divorce lawyers appreciate and respect customers who bring to their office a realistic understanding of the divorce process. A divorce lawyer can bring comfort, understanding, and predictability. If you need to work through your anger and feelings of betrayal, a psychologist is a right choice. You can increase your chances of finding a divorce lawyer who will take your case if you present yourself as a reasonable and appreciative person in need of assistance.